a reminder from the "Hours" section..........We have determined that the minimum time that can be booked is 30 hours per week(20 hours for under two's). We require this to be a minimum of 6 hours per day over 5 days a week. This enables children to establish relationships with the staff and other children and to become familiar with the routines of the learning environment. We have found that a consistent, settled group allows for greater friendships to be created as it the same group of children everyday.   Constant, consistent relationships help children to learn from each other much more easily and develops a sense of security within the whole environment.     Under two attendence will be negotiated with parents to ensure best options possible are achieved.

  • We charge $8.00 per hour for every child over two years of age. This cost includes all meals and morning and afternoon teas. Parents are asked to supply nappies if required and sun screen for the summer months.
  • We also charge a flat rate of $8.00 per hour for every child under two years of age. This includes all centre prepared meals and afternoon/morning teas. Parents are asked to supply nappies, cream, formula and other preferred baby meals if required.
  • We do not charge above the hourly rate for parents arriving late (whilst we do expect parents to adhere to booked times).
  • We offer the 20 hours ece for all children over 3 years of age
  • We have high teacher/ child ratio's - 1/3 for under 2's (and often higher) and 1/7 for the over 2 children
  • There is no charge for excursions we take the children on (unless an entry fee is required). If it is an all day trip a nominal fee of $5.00 will be asked to cover fuel costs.