Our Location

We are located in the centre of Dunedin city at 89 Stafford St (on the corner of Stafford St and Melville St). This is convenient for parents coming into the city from the south, the peninsula and from the hill suburbs. Our premises are built on very spacious grounds, amongst a natural setting of bush and large trees with spaces to swing, run, ride, hide, and explore. This brings some of the experiences and challenges that we as adults had in our childhood to the urban learning environment in a setting that is “safe as necessary as opposed to one that is as safe as possible”.

Our History

Early Childhood on Stafford opened on September 1, 2003 Prior to that it was the home of the Lebanese community and a very popular functions centre. The building was built in 1920 and was the home of Henry Shacklock, the son of the founder of the Shacklock company which produced the very high quality ranges and other whiteware.

Our Vision

"Early Childhood on Stafford will be where passion pushes boundaries and children fly"

Our Values