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Desirable Objectives and Practices: 10e,9, 10a, 12.

Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 2008: Subpart 2 45 1,45 b, 47 1,2,


Early Childhood on Stafford will regularly review, evaluate and modify its policies, objectives and practicestoimprove the quality of its service .

  • All Early Childhood on Stafford policies will be reviewed within a two year cycle.

  • The centre’s community in general and the parents reference group will be invited to comment on the policy (also displayed on the website) and procedures during this review period using Quality in Action as a basis for monitoring the policy’s effectiveness

  • Early Childhood on Stafford’s use of government subsidies will be made available to parents/guardians, whanau, Iwi, the Ministry of Education and the local community.

  • A year plan will be created annually to identify what areas will be reviewed and what targets have been set to help improve curriculum and service delivery at Early Childhood on Stafford. Parents/whanau and staff will be asked to contribute to this.

  • This cycle of review will be published annually (on website and displayed by front door) so all parents/whanau and staff can plan for the review period
  • Completion and progress of plan will be reported annually to the parents/whanau and community in the newsletter.

  • The review process will involve participation from both the service users and staff and will be documented.

Adopted: October 2012

Review Date: October 2014


If this Policy is being implemented effectively, then you should see the following happening in the Centre:

  • You will see the meeting advertised on the whiteboard, newsletter and the website
  • The “Policy in Action” information will be displayed for you to see if this policy is working for your child/family/whanau.
  • There will be a copy of the book ‘Quality in Action’ available to help you to assess how well this policy is working.
  • The reference group will have met and discussed the policies for review.
  • The adopted policies will be displayed on the website
  • All policies will be circulated in a two year cycle and this cycle is timetabled so that all parents/whanau have advance notice of the upcoming review. This information is found on our website.
  • Early Childhood on Stafford’s Strategic Plan progression will be reported annually via Annual report and website.

Refer Health and Safety Review Policy.

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