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Desirable Objectives and Practices: 2, 10a, 11b

Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 2008: Subpart 2 47 1e.


All Centre employees need access to professional development that develops professional growth and quality practices within Early Childhood on Stafford. Through responsive, on-going training, teachers will demonstrate an understanding of current theory and principles of learning and development and the different characteristics of infants, toddlers, and young children.

Ÿ     An Annual Budget will be set and all reasonable barriers to attendance will be addressed.

Ÿ All staff will fulfill the requirements of the Appraisal Policy.

ŸProfessional development will be linked to appraisal and that priority for access will be   given to staff for training in identified areas.

ŸThe Directors of Early Childhood on Stafford are committed to a professional developmentculture that encourages and supports staff to source and initiate relevant training opportunities.

Staff will be encouraged to actively share resources/practices/ knowledge gained from training/professional reading with their colleagues

Parents/guardians will be reported to regularly [through the monthly newsletter/website] on how the money invested in the training has benefitted their children

Ÿ     Copies of all professional development completed will be held at Early Childhood on Stafford

Adopted:               February 2013

Review Date:        February 2015


Policy in Action

If this policy is being effectively implemented then the following should be happening

  • Staff will be attending regular training courses that they have identified

  • The newsletter will state what professional development has been undertaken.

  • Reports of professional development courses will be placed on the website to be shared with parents and staff

  • Professional training will result in staff evaluating existing pedagogy


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