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                              PRIVACY POLICY

Reference: Privacy Act 1993

                        MOE “Personnel Management [2001]


Education [Early childhood Centres] Regulations 2008: Subpart 2 47 1a,b (i)(ii) c (i) (ii) A,B, (d) (e), (2)

Privacy of Information

The Privacy Act covers personal information- that is any information which is collected about an identifiable individual. It will affect what information is collected about people, as well as how it is obtained, stored and used. The information collected can be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained. For example, a curriculum vitae is to be used only for the appointment of staff and then returned to the applicant.


Early Childhood on Stafford will ensure that all information on employees and children and their families/whanau is kept confidential at all times. Disclosure of personal information will be protected as per the Privacy Act 1993.

1.  Any personal information collected will be directly from the person concerned unless consent is given to collect from other sources [e.g. referees]

2.     The purpose and use of the information will explained to the person at the time it is collected.

    3.     All information collected will be used lawfully.

4.     All information must be relevant for the purpose it is being collected for.

5.     All information will be stored securely to protect against loss or wrongful disclosure.

6.     Information will only be accessible to those who have relevant use for it.

7     All confidential (including Employee’s) information will be stored in a locked filing cabinet and only   be able to be accessed by Directors.

8.    Information that is no longer required will be returned to the individual or destroyed

We respect children’s right to privacy and as such no personal information shall be disclosed without the parents/whanau consent [unless required to do so by law]

Adopted: November 2013  

Review: November 2015


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