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                      STAFF PROTECTION POLICY

Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 2008: 45 (1) (a)(ii),(b)

Desirable Objectives and Practices; 5a, 11b


Staff will be aware of the need to place themselves above and beyond any suspicion of child abuse or mistreatment whilecaring for children in the Centre. The Management of Early Childhood on Stafford as a good employer wants to ensure that staff are not placed in a situation that could compromise their personal safety.


To alert staff to possible situations and behaviours that could be misconstrued.


Definition - A closed space shall be defined as any area where another adult has restricted visual access from the outside.

1     A teacher should not change a child's clothing, or bathe a child that has soiled itself, in a closed space. If it is necessary to do so, in the interests of the child's right to privacy, then another adult should be made aware of the necessity and shall check the area at regular intervals.

A record will be kept when a child is changed. This will include the child's name, date, time, staff member responsible and the staff member who checked the area.

2       Parents will be advised when their child has been bathed or changed.

3       Procedures for changing children will be displayed in the bathroom area.

NB: The changing of children is the staff's and parent/caregivers(if present) responsibility

4       Staff will encourage children's self care skills and teach them to change themselves whenever possible.

5·      If it is necessary for a child to be withdrawn by an adult for positive guidance management, or because the child is upset or unsettled, the teacher involved must ensure that the child is withdrawn to an open space where both teacher and child are visible at all times. At no time will an adult withdraw a child into a closed space.

6.     Any teacher who is concerned about the behaviour of another staff member in relation to the handling of achild or children must inform Russell, Robyn or Sue.

7      Staff will be aware of the need to avoid being alone with a child/children in secluded areas of the Centres building/grounds.

8     Staff should be aware that no staff member is to be left alone with a child/children at the beginning or the end of the day.

9     Staff will also implement these procedures during excursions.

10   Staff will be aware that small group excursions must include at least two adults.

It is impossible to cover every situation that may arise but staff need to remove as many risks as possible.

See also:

(a)       Early Childhood on Stafford Child Protection Policy.

(b)       Ministry of Education Guidelines for ECE 1993

Adopted Date: October 2013                Review Date : October 2015        



Early Childhood on Stafford



Once you are aware that an allegation has been made against you, it is strongly advised to follow this procedure:

       (a) If you are an NZEI(Teachers Union) member contact an NZEI Field Officer so that you can be put in contact with an appropriate lawyer specialising in child abuse allegations. This will ensure reimbursement of legal fees.

(b) If you are not an NZEI member contact a lawyer specialising in child abuse allegations.

         When investigating a child abuse allegation the Police and CYF’s have the child'sinterest  as paramount - not the person who has been accused.

It is recommended that for your own protection you do not discuss an allegation with anyone before meeting with your lawyer - this includes the Police and CYF’s.


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