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                              Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 200846 (2)


In accordance with the above Regulations, smoking is not permitted at any time in Early Childhood on Stafford buildings or on the property, including staff carpark.


“No smoking” signs are to be visible at all times within the building and the outside gates.

                If any person contravenes this policy the staff should make that person aware of the Early Childhood on Stafford “No Smoking                      Policy” and ask that the cigarette be extinguished.

                If this continues to be a problem a complaint should be laid with the Early Childhood on Stafford Directors who shall within 20                     working days after the receipt of the complaint investigate the complaint and try to resolve it.

                Where Early Childhood on Stafford Directors are unable to resolve the complaint by agreement, the complaint will then be                             referred in writing to the Director General [Chief Executive] of Health.

             Adopted:           September 2016

                Review Date:   September 2017


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