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                    SLEEPING CHILDREN POLICY

Education [Early Childhood Centre] Regulations 2008

Subpart 2, 45a

Desirable Objectives and Practices 5a, b.


All children who attend the centre will have the opportunity for undisturbed rest if required in a safe and well monitored environment. All children are entitled to undisturbed rest if required and Early Childhood on Stafford will not compromise their well being by denying such rest.

  • Safe and suitable individual beds and bedding will be available.

  • Beds will be placed and arranged to ensure hygienic, safe and adequate means of access. All linen will be laundered by the centre weekly.

  • Each child will have their own linen.

  • A system will be in place for the monitoring sleeping children. They will be monitored every 5 minutes(checked for warmth breathing) and this will be recorded on a signing sheet.

  • All sleeping children will be checked to ensure they are sleeping safely and covered.

  • The sleep areas will be visible in both rooms.

  • Parents will inform staff of the sleeping needs for their child at the time of enrolment and on entry.

  • A daily record of the child’s sleeping pattern will be kept

  • Children will not have any food or liquid while they are in their bed.

  • Children will not be restrained while they are sleeping, but will be able to be wrapped

  • Children will not be unduly woken from, nor denied sleep, except in special circumstances

  • Babies will be placed on their backs to sleep in a cot. No baby will be put to bed on their stomach.

ADOPTED: August 2013 REVIEW DATE: August 2015


If this policy is being effectively implemented the following should be happening in the Centre:

  • There will be a sleep chart being monitored at 5 minute intervals (using beepers). Children will be recorded whether they are asleep or not and the staff member responsible will sign their name to this

  • Each child will have a separate named space to store their linen and blankets and clothes

  • Parents and staff will share sleep information


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