Our Kaupapa

Our Kaupapa

We value parental choice and believe very strongly in the need to visit a centre before your child commences. Choosing a childcare is like buying a house - we all look for different aspects and perhaps place differing emphasis on one aspect over another and quite often this can be the deciding factor in choosing the right place for you and your child. Early childhood education is a very large investment and we would state "rightly so" as in our minds there is nothing more important than your child and you have to be confident that you have made the right choice. To achieve this you need to visit and see for yourself the type of environment your child would potentially be in. It is also very important to get"a feel" for the people who will be teaching your child and despite recomendations from others, we believe it is best to visit yourself. Sometimes this can take many visits.

Our protocols ask that you pre-arrange a time to visit to ensure that Sue is available to guide you through our centre and answer any questions that you may have. For more information on what to look for when choosing early childhood education for your child click here.

Every three years we are externally reviewed by the Education Review Office. To access our latest Education Review Office report please click here and enter Early Childhood on Stafford in the search box.

Our centre is committed to gender balance and employs four male teachers as well as eight female teachers. We are very committed to ensuring that children have both male and female teachers to relate to as we believe it is important that children are able to build and sustain close and supportive relationships with both genders. It is very important for children to be in an environment where adults (male and female) work supportively and positively with each other. This helps build an expectation that men and women work positively together, have fun together and can agree and disagree in a civilised and respectful manner. In terms of gender our centre reflects the wider society more closely than most and we are proud of the choices that our parents and children have. For information on men in early childhood please click here.

Our centre is very strong on promoting physical activity and outdoor play. We place as much emphasis on our outdoor programme as we do on our indoor programme and believe that physical competency is important to childrens overall development. We understand the importance of physical activity for brain development and emotional well being and believe that children who prefer the outdoor curriculum should have as equal access to this as those who prefer indoors. Learning to us is an active , integrated approach and the outdoors provides a natural classroom for this. We believe very strongly in the importance of risk taking and the developing of resilience and this can be no better practised than in the outdoor environment. We are very concerned about the modern over- emphasis on desk top learning and the passive lifestyles of a number of children. We purchased our property because of the spacious, challenging grounds and have further developed the outdoors with challenge in mind.We have very confident and competent children at this centre and we believe that our focus on outdoor, physical play , encouraging risk taking and developing resilient learners is a large contributor to this . To read more on the value of outdoor play click here.

To read more about risk taking visit Tim Gill's website about developing a philosophy of resilience as opposed to one of protection and read the many articles available (follow the links that underlined in the website) - it will make you think more about our insecurities as adults and how we view the world as a whole in terms of our children and their freedom - click here.


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