Philosophy mission vision

Our Philosophy/Mission/Vision Kaupapa

Over the past weeks we have been looking at updating our centre Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Values statements.

We devoted our entire ‘ teachers only’ day to this task and have settled on the following.

We are very pleased with the outcomes as we believed our previous statements were too wordy, too full of eduspeak (educational jargon) and were somewhat boring and uninspiring.

So we set about to create what we considered was a truer reflection of ECOS – so enjoy.

Philosophy Statement:

Early Childhood on Stafford (ECOS)

Extend your superheroes in environments which excite and empower

C reative minds who have the courage to think outside the ‘triangle’ as they are challenged to reach ‘infinity and beyond’

O ur outside is ‘O’ for awesome

S tafford Street knows how to party as it celebrates its’ community and cultural   connections

WE wanted this statement to better reflect the ECOS essence and decided to frame it on the ECOS anagram.

We then brainstormed words that would reflect what we do, using the initials as groupings eg “e” words and so on.

We had also previously considered what a philosophy statement should contain and edited our thoughts accordingly.

We decided that our children are all ‘super heroes’ - in one way or another and that all had super talents that we wanted to unleash. The ‘excite’ and ‘empower’ statements come from our desire for our educational programme to be exciting and interesting and hence grabbing children’s interests . The “empower” was about all of us, and that by having a fun and “exciting” environment, we will grow learners whether they be children or adults.

The ‘Creative minds’ reference came from our love of the arts and by including this statement, we are saying loud and clear, that creativity is important to us. We included ‘courage’ because a large part of our thoughts and actions are about helping our children to be resilient and to take risks to test what they can and cannot do. This takes courage – a ‘have a go’ attitude that we value immensely. This is also where the reference to “infinity and beyond” sits, in which we are referring to potential. We wont know what we can do until we try it and often that can lead to places, skills, behaviours and conceptual understandings that we never thought we could get to. Not only do we value courage, but we also want our people to think divergently and perhaps more deeply and that’s why we want to think outside the triangle. We want to cultivate an environment of creative thinkers – (again both children and adults) and one example where you can see this in action is in the new statements – very divergent and creative but fun also.

The “O” is where we had fun – yes we really value the outdoor environment and the unlimited uses it has for teaching and learning – and we don’t only mean our centre’s outside – but also the wider community in which we have regular excursions by both foot and van. We used the “ O for Awesome” quote which was mistakenly used in a game quiz (O = orsome) because we believe our outdoors are awesome….

Finally the reference to the letter “s” is around our celebrations of celebrations – birthday parties, social events, and community events e.g. Matariki, Easter, Christmas, Polyfest, St Patricks day and Chinese New year. We are also enriched by families of many cultures and this adds to the collective talent pool of ECOS.

We then decided to review and update our centre Mission, Vision and Values statements to make them more interesting, and more importantly, representative of our centre culture.

                                                        Our Mission Statement:

To co-pilot citizens as they

embark on a

learning journey that

will sustain them for life

This Mission statement picks up from our Philosophy Statement, in which we explain our purpose as supporting children and adults to become good citizens, in partnership with others. As a centre and as individuals, we acknowledge the roles of others in helping support the growth of our children and adults. This aspect of partnership cannot be rated importantly enough. The work we do here is linked strongly to the work of others and together with support, citizens will grow. This also links in with the review of our planning system and the development of centre wide goals for children to achieve by the time they leave ECOS. Some of the goals are about the importance of working with others and how this supports learning, so there is a strong agreement here within our community on the importance of growing citizens. Good citizen skills will be life long, as will be the passion for learning – hence the final part of our “Mission Statement”.

Next up is our Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement:

Early Childhood on Stafford

will be where

passion pushes boundaries

and children fly

This is what we want to do and where we want to be. This certainly is aspirational and again links very closely to our ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Mission Statements’.