Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 2008:  47 1 a, b(ii), c (i), e


The Directors of Early Childhood on Stafford support the development of an equal employment opportunities programme to create an environment that encourages and supports the full participation of all staff.  As Directors we appoint staff for the skills, knowledge and experience they will bring to our centre and we openly acknowledge that these will be different for every individual teacher.  We celebrate this diversity and we openly seek to employ both male and female teachers.

Our centre is committed to the goal of freedom from discrimination (e.g. free of sexual and racial harassment and actively promote the use of non-sexist and non-racial language) and recognise the need for an active approach to attract and retain a diverse staff. This is consistent with our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The purpose of this policy statement is to ensure that all employees and applicants are treated according to their skills, qualifications and abilities on an as equal basis as possible.


To identify and eliminate discriminatory practices

  • The opportunity to raise any employment concerns will be provided for at staff meetings
  • Staff will be invited to complete an annual EEO questionnaire inviting anonymous feedback on employment conditions
  • If a member of staff feels they are being discriminated against then they should follow the centre complaint procedures.  Such action can include the use of mediation from outside agencies

To attract and retain a diverse staff

  • Job vacancies will be advertised, if required, through a variety of publications
  • There will be an interview held for all appointments – support people including whanau will be welcome to attend
  • Access to and participation in professional development and personal growth opportunities are encouraged and supported by the Directors.  Funding is made available annually for this.
  • The annual EEO survey will be designed to help identify any retention issues that can be acted upon
  • Staff will be invited to an exit interview when they cease employment to help identify any employment/retention issues.

To create an environment that encourages and supports the full participation of all staff

  • Staff religious, spiritual and ethnic beliefs will be supported as far as practically possible
  • Annual EEO survey results will be considered when this policy is reviewed
  • ECOS will develop an environment that supports the use of tikanga and te reo Maori

The Directors will be as supportive as practically possible with all requests for   leave for personal and professional reasons

Adopted:           September 2016

Review Date:   September 2017

Early Childhood on Stafford


This information is being collected for Statistical reasons and for identifying future support that Early Childhood on Stafford may need to provide to help its employees.

Please state gender            Male                   Female

Please tick appropriate Year of Birth band

1951-55        1956-60        1961-65         1966-70        1971-75        1976-80        1981-85         1986-90         1991-95      1996-2000

Ethnic Identification

Tick any of the following listed below

                NZ European/Pakeha                NZ Maori/Tangata Whenua


Samoan                                  Cook Island


Tongan                                   Nuiean


Tokelauan                               Fijian


Other Ethnic Group   [Please state which]




Do you live with the effects of long term injury, illness or disability/disabilities?

Yes                     No

If Yes, how does your disability affect you?  (Breathing, hearing, vision, speech, movement, heart, Emotional and Mental health, Concentration etc). Please state

Can the Directors of Early Childhood on Stafford offer you support to address your situation?  If so, how? Do you need any aids or equipment or adaptations to your workplace to make your work easier or to improve your work performance?

Yes                          No

If yes, please specify the appropriate support requirement.

Family Responsibilities:

Outline any responsibilities that you have for care of children, elder care or other dependents.

NB If you require assistance in any way, please inform the Directors. Return by Friday

The information contained in this questionnaire is confidential to the Directors and is being collected for monitoring how Early Childhood on Stafford is meeting its EEO requirements as outlined in its existing policy.