Education [Early Childhood Centre] Regulations 2008: Subpart 2 46 1a,b,c,d (2)


This policy will ensure that all Staff and children’s personal well-being and safety requirements will be met on any Early Childhood on Stafford excursion.

All children will have the opportunity to participate in a spontaneous walk/ excursion at least four times annually.

Centre ratios approved for excursions/spontaneous walks are as follows:

OVER TWO: At least 1 adult for every 4 children

UNDER TWO: At least 1 adult for every 2 children

Near water: 1 adult for two children

In Water : 1 adult for one child

  • For planned excursions all parents/guardians will have signed the excursion risk assessment form which states the appropriate adult/child ratio for that excursion. All children will be easily identified as belonging to Early Childhood on Stafford by wearing the yellow named tops.
  • If traveling by Centre Van children will be in approved car restraints. There will be at least 2 adults and no more than 9 children maximum.
  • Only Employees of Early Childhood on Stafford are permitted to drive the Van.
  • If the planned destination of any excursion changes staff will contact the Directors immediately for permission to move to the new destination. If permission is not granted staff will return to the centre with the children immediately

At all times there will be at least two adults present on any excursion and a cell phone will be carried. If the Centre is unable to meet the adult/child ratio requirements as deemed by this policy the excursion will not take place.

The following items will be taken on all planned excursions

  • The portable first aid kit with any medication requirements
  • Cell phone

A list of all children on the excursion and their emergency contact details will remain at the centre in case of emergency.

The centre will ensure that the appropriate adult/child ratio is maintained at the centre for those children not attending the excursion.

Children will be monitored to ensure that they have equitable opportunity to participate in spontaneous walks/excursions. Names will be recorded to monitor this.

Spontaneous walks in close proximity to ECOS will be approved by the “Person of Responsibility” as appointed by the Directors. Parental consent has been given on the enrolment form. Ratios will be keeping within centre policy.

NB     There will always be at least one adult in the centre for the duration of the excursion for parents to contact in emergencies.

Adopted: November 2016

Review Date: November 2018