Hoani Samuel

Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I believe that children are our future and that if we teach them well, we let them lead the way. As Teachers we should help them find the beauty they possess inside. We help children to develop a sense of pride, to make things easier for themselves and we let their laughter remind us of how we used to be.

Why do I like teaching at Early Childhood on Stafford?

“ECOS reminds me of my playcenter when I was a child…..Good friends, risk taking, painting, rough and tumble and great group times. I have a freedom to pursue my own interests, children have the freedom to explore and to express themselves. I believe ECOS has an awesome team, which is open to new ways and ideologies. The group is diverse (with lots of males), is strength based and works well together. I am enjoying watching how other teachers work and I am learning from them.

The team is respectful, whakatoi is allowed and encouraged and we work in a great environment that is well resourced Physically and Emotionally.”