James Jarvie

Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“The first 5 years of life are extraordinary, they set us up for the journey ahead of us and will influence the people we grow to be in later life. Being part of that experience with young children is a privilege reserved for parents and those who teach. Everyday is a new adventure with things to ponder, conquer and explore. Being a part of that learning is something extremely special.

Why do I like teaching at Early Childhood on Stafford?

“ECOS for me changed the ways in which I viewed our youngest learners. We can take for granted just how capable our youngest citizens are but at ECOS there are no predetermined outcomes and no assumptions. Children have an environment at ECOS that strives to provide freedom for those learners and a space that will challenge them. Children are driven by their peers and their own desire to achieve. When we provide freedom for children they form perpetual energy that sustains their learning for years to come. As a teacher this means I will always be surrounded by those eager to create and explore together.”