Sue Ballantyne

Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I enjoy working with young children because they are so honest and accepting. I love observing their wonder, curiosity, excitement and learning, as they develop reciprocal relationships.

I am greatly rewarded when I see the children so confident and competent before leaving for school.

Observing the children in the under two room reach their milestones in their own unhurried time is also very rewarding.

I place relationships high above most other things when working with young children – having positive, reciprocal and respectful relationships with the children, everything thing else will follow.”

Why do I like teaching at Early Childhood on Stafford?

“I believe that we have created an environment where there is freedom for both the staff and children to work with their interests and their strengths. This provides a vast array of learning opportunities that are endless and enrichening for everyone. I also love our outdoor environment because it is both challenging, attractive and peaceful. It truly is a ‘children’s garden’.”