Tom Ballantyne

Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I got into this field by accident and really enjoyed it. Children have such an excitement towards everything in their day which I think as we grow up we sadly lose. Working with children puts other life events into perspective and helps myself to rediscover the exciting things about the world. Also, I think I am just a big child myself, which can make for some fun times.

Why do I like teaching at Early Childhood on Stafford?

“Working at ECOS as a really non-PC experience which I think is something to be cherished in today’s world. ECOS is full of the ‘old school’ ways which I think as many children should be a part of as possible. This is why ECOS holds an important part in childcare not only around Dunedin, but the country as a whole. This job should be fun, and that is the environment that I believe Sue and Russell provide with their desire to give both children and staff an amount of freedom that isn’t available in other centres.”