Putting the ‘care’ into Dunedin’s early childhood education

Early Childhood on Stafford has established a strong reputation for providing high quality, professional early childhood education and care to Dunedin’s youngest citizens. Our premises centre offers a natural garden setting in the heart of Dunedin’s city hill area at 89 Stafford Street. We believe early childhood education starts with a warm, welcoming and safe environment for your child, and we encourage all our parents/whānau to take an active interest in their development. Find out how.

Our facilities provide a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities and equipment to encourage active play, with plenty of room to run around outside. Suppose you are considering early childhood education and care. In that case, you are invited to come and visit us at our early childcare centre at 89 Stafford Street to meet our qualified ECE staff before enrolling your child.

Te Whāriki Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood on Stafford have embraced the Ministry of Education’s Te Whāriki early childhood education curriculum. Te Whāriki is based on the aspirations that children grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators who are healthy in mind, body and spirit. It is essential they feel secure in their environment, in their sense of belonging, and the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

Minimum childcare hours for Early Childhood on Stafford

Early Childhood on Stafford believes in stability and consistency for all children who attend, and to achieve this, the minimum booking times are as followed:

Over-Two: At least 25 hours per week. Can be taken across four or five days. Minimum daily booking has to be at least four hours.

Under-Two: At least 20 hours per week. Can be taken across four or five days. Minimum daily booking has to be at least four hours

We do not offer casual or part-time daycare options.

Qualified early childhood education providers

Starting with business founders Sue Ballantyne and Russell Ballantyne, we are fully-staffed with early childhood qualified teachers. Team members have the equivalent of the diploma of teaching ECE or are working towards this qualification under our guidance.

We provide optimum numbers of ‘teacher: children’ care throughout the centre (ratios). For Over-twos it is 1:7 (One teacher for every Seven Children), and for Under-twos it is 1:2.5.

Meet our team of early childhood education professionals

Early Childhood on Stafford opening hours

Our open hours are from 7.30 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday for all children/tamariki aged 0-5. These hours allow for convenient drop-offs /pick-ups to fit in with early starts or later finishes that many of our working parents/whanau have in and around the city.

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Early enrolments and vacancies

We are licensed for 55 children to attend at any one time. It is a good idea to plan ahead for enrolments, due to the demand for reputable, centrally located early childcare centres in Dunedin.

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