The Team

Meet The Team


Sue Ballantyne


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I enjoy working with young children because they are so honest and accepting. I love observing their wonder, curiosity, excitement and learning, as they develop reciprocal relationships.

I am greatly rewarded when I see the children so confident and...


Russell Ballantyne


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I enjoy celebrating the achievements with the children and we get to see children at their most positive time of their life where everything is exciting and wondrous. To see a child come into our centre as a baby of six months and to leave as a thriv...


Olivia King


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I enjoy teaching in early childhood education because everyday is different, they bring new developments, funny moments, wonder, excitement and at all times unexpected challenges. On a daily basis, I am still continually amazed at the achievements th...


Rod Eales


###Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I love teaching in ECE because of the utter joy in connecting with this end of humanity- uplifting, enlightening, rich and altogether crazy.”

Why do I like teaching at Early Childhood on Stafford?

“I love teaching at ECOS because it is a place w...


Averil Kirkham


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“One of the best parts of working in ECE is getting to meet and build relationships with families and children from all different cultures and walks of life.

I also love watching the children’s sense of confidence and pride grow as they master new ski...


Justin Naish


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“I really believe in the wonderment of learning alongside young children. This was the main reason I became an Early Childhood Teacher and continue to dedicate myself to early childhood education. It is an amazing career which is very challenging and rewa...


James Jarvie


Why do I like teaching very young Children?

“The first 5 years of life are extraordinary, they set us up for the journey ahead of us and will influence the people we grow to be in later life. Being part of that experience with young children is a privilege reserved for parents and those who tea...


Krista Debono


**Why do you like teaching very young children? **

Supporting small children as they grow is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever experienced. Nurturing a child’s mana and being part of their social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development is extremely rewarding. Being a part of build...


Abby Donaldson


Why do I like teaching very young children?

I like teaching in Early Childhood Education because tamariki are full of surprises. Each day brings new tasks and various challenges for tamariki to overcome and face head on. It is so exciting being able to see tamariki grow and to observe, suppor...


Julie Sharpe


Why do I like working at Early Childhood on Stafford It starts off for me to have a transformative boss mentor and owner who has transformed many lives with ingenuity and insight. This leads me to be a teacher who can feel she makes a difference where I can bring my teaching skills and be insp...


Tash Loder


Why do I like teaching young children? The first 5 years of life are the most important in a child's holistic development. Working with infants and toddlers adds an extra dimension to the importance of how our individual tamariki grow and develop. I feel extremely privileged to have the opportun...


Donna Tuiavii


Why do I like teaching very young children? I love to build strong relationships with tamaiti/children and their aiga/family. For me this means sharing and learning from each other. I get to share the things I love by exposing children to different languages, arts stories and songs.

**Why do I ...


Monika Gamble


**Why do I enjoyed working with young children? ** I am passionate about working with babies and toddlers as it is at this very young age the tamariki develop rapidly and acquire so many new skills that lay a foundation for life and further learning. It is a privilege to be able to build relationshi...


Waterlily Tupou


Why I love teaching young children I like teaching young children because of the magic that exists when I get to follow an emergent and genuine child-centred curriculum. In doing so I get to be the most playful, reflective and professional teacher simultaneously. I find joy in those care momen...