Cross Cultural Policy

Dec 2, 2023

Education [Early Childhood Centres] Regulations 2008: Subpart 2 43, 1a(iv)


Early Childhood on Stafford will acknowledge the beliefs, values and principles of the diverse cultures within our Community and will display a commitment to provide for this in our policies and practices.

  • Early Childhood on Stafford will identify all the cultures of their Centre families/whanau and will make them welcome.
  • Children will experience the diversity of cultures including their own and others. Posters with images of other cultures will be displayed.
  • Children will learn about the historical aspects of national festivals and cultural celebrations including Waitangi day, Easter, Anzac, Queens Birthday, Christmas and other festivals as celebrated by families/whanau
  • Access to supporting information and resources will be provided to enhance communication and participation. Staff will involve parents/whanau from non-English speaking cultures in the assessment and information sharing process.
  • The Directors will provide resource materials to help staff acknowledge the diverse beliefs, values and principles of cultures within our Centre.
  • Early Childhood on Stafford will support training applications from staff to further develop their knowledge of cultural diversity and will assist where possible in supporting initiatives that reduce barriers to participation.

Adopted: May 2021

Review Date: May 2023

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